What’s a makerspace?

Makerspaces are best described as places where people can gather to share ideas, tools, and expertise. Some makerspaces focus on woodworking, others on robotics, and others on creating things from whatever items they can find lying around.

What makes SnoCo Makerspace unique?

We are a non-profit group interested primarily in helping others come together to make cool things. We operate 3100 square feet of space near Boeing in Everett where we house 3D printers, laser cutters, table saws, lathes, and so much more.

What does SnoCo Makerspace offer?

A monthly membership grants you discounts to classes and access to all of the tools we have available in the space. Some of the tools do require certification to be used, but certification classes are offered routinely so you can get started with a 3-D print or with the laser engraver.

How can I join?

Joining is easy! Membership levels are described below. Once you’ve decided which membership you’d prefer, sign and deliver the Makerspace Use Agreement Form to info@snocomakers.org and then head over to our Join Us page, scroll to the bottom and complete the online form to get your membership started!

Membership levels

  • Full Membership: You’re investing in our growth! For $50 a month you get 24/7 access if you want the card; you’ll need to pay for the cost of the card and background check (a one-time fee of $15) which will be billed to your account. We will review a checklist of item when you receive your card AND we will push your renewal date to when you get your card so you’re not missing out. Cards are picked up during “Open” times (Thursdays and every other Saturday). If you remind us we’ll bump your renewal to the date you picked up your card. Expect an email 1-3 days after you register to setup a time you can come in

Alternative options

  • Limited Membership: For $30 per quarter you will have access to the shop during “open” times. You may use the Facebook group to ask members if they’re be around; no guarantee though because it’s based on membership’s free time. Workshops are also discounted at this rate. Because of the minimal amount and work required we require quarterly (3-month) commitments at this level. It will not auto-renew, this level is a low cost introduction.
  • Grant Membership: Some memberships may be sponsored when funds are available for low income persons; please consult any officer or director and apply for “Grant Membership” below. Our bylaws specifically prohibit any form of discrimination.
  • Private Workspace: $140 per section, contact an officer or director for more details. (Often this is not available).

Not all tools are available immediately once part of the membership. All power tools require some basic safety education and most of the CNC-based equipment requires some use knowledge and certification. Meet us at an open house or tour for more details.

SnoCo Makers organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. EIN: 47-3499005

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Current Officers:

President: Kelly Gruol, Everett

Vice President: Richard Johnson

Secretary: Chas Ihler

Treasurer: Harry George


Board of Directors

Director 1 (2019-2021): Chas Ihler

Director 2 (2018-2020): Kelly Gruol

Director 3 (2019-2021): Martin Smit

Director 4 (2018-2020): Z. Johnson